Tuesday, August 4, 2009


August 2nd is always a fun and exciting day in our family because we get to celebrate multiple birthdays in one. Kevin's Mom is a twin and she and her sister were born on August 2. Kevin was the ultimate birthday present for Kevin's Mom 33 years ago when he decided to also show up on August 2nd.
This year, we celebrated by having the Autry's and the Wingerter's (Kevin's grandparents) over for dinner, cake, ice cream and conversation. Afterward we all went out to watch the boys play on the trampoline. Kevin and I even joined in the fun!
Enjoy these random pictures of our special time together!
Yummmmm - ice cream!
It's so fun to laugh and love with family.
Politics and news are frequently the name of the game when the Wingerter's are over.
The cake was delicious - homemade German Chocolate, Kevin's request.
Mom made Delanie two adorable tutu's with matching head bands. She was just so stinking cute!
A princess and her Daddy.
Physical family fun!
Wrestling with the bro's.
Good times, great memories!
Even Grammy was feeling adventurous!
It's just so nice to have a granddaughter to squeeze! Lanie loves her Grammy.
The tutu looked good on the boys too!
I just loved this shot so I had to include it! I love this man! Happy birthday, Babe.


Elizabeth said...

I love her tutu!! :)

Joie said...

WOW!!! Happy Birthday to all of you!
Great pictures, it looked like so much fun.
August 2, happens to be my dad's birthday as well. Popular day. :o)