Monday, April 13, 2009

Sweet Anticipation

A baby girl!

Wow . . . the thought of it still takes me by surprise!!!

I really never thought that Kevin and I would be the parents of something sweet and pink. Oh, how the Lord loves to surprise us!
I am finding that as the weeks are winding down (5 more "officially" to go), my anticipation level is gearing up. With the help of my amazing in-laws, the baby's room is also getting geared up. A few weeks back we (well, mostly my mother-in-law) painted the room a spring green to match an accent color in the bedding I bought used from a friend of mine. Then, the hunt was on to find curtains to coordinate. I searched high and low at every home store and major chain, but just couldn't find the perfect combination of colors. My mother-in-law then suggested that we look at a fabric store and make our own. The idea was overwhelming to me since I have only done very minimal sewing in my life, but she is so amazingly crafty and talented that I bravely went and found the perfect fabric at JoAnn's. We set an afternoon aside at her house to get the curtains cut and sewn, but I was so slow at the sewing machine that she ended up finishing them up on her own and bringing them over a few days later. I am so thrilled with the curtains because they really tie the room together and make it look classical and feminine - it is the perfect touch!
I haven't really picked a theme for the nursery (except for the flowers adorning the blanket and bumper, and the stripes on the curtains, baskets and sheets), but I was thinking I might use one of my favorite old toys as a spring board. Most everyone who knows me for any length of time knows that I am head-over-heels in love with horses. It would just seem appropriate if my daughter became infatuated as well, wouldn't it? If I surround her with horse figurines and pictures now, will it increase her potential as she grows up? I can hope! Also, I love the idea because I still have the horse pictures that hung on my wall growing up and I think the colors might work for the baby's room as well. That would certainly be a cheap and nostalgic fix to my decorating block.
The baby's closet is beginning to fill up now and it is so fun looking at all of the pink and purple things - I truly never thought these colors would be in the nursery! Almost the entire collection of clothing has been tremendously blessed to us from close friends and family. I am so incredibly thankful for the hand-me-downs of others! When we initially found out we were expecting a girl I was worried that we wouldn't be able to afford to clothe her. My fears can be laid to rest now thanks to all of our amazing loved ones! In fact, she has so many 0-6 month outfits, she may not ever be able to wear them all before she outgrows them! Now how's that for a laying a fear to rest?!
I am not particularly a girlie-girl myself, but I must admit that I am really loving all of the girlie clothes and accessories that we have been given. The little shoes and the hairbows are just too much fun to imagine accessorizing our little sweetheart someday soon. Can I admit that I am just going to have too much fun playing dress-up with her?
I am so excited for the next 5 (or less!) weeks to pass! How amazing, different and fun life is going to be by adding a little girl to our family. There will, of course, be all of the incredible challenges that come with having three busy boys and a newborn in the house, but the realities just can't suppress my excitement. I don't relish the ideas of sleeplessness and exhaustion, but I can't help but still want her here as soon as possible. I pray that the Lord watches over her development and decides the perfect time for her to arrive - the sooner, the better, of course!


Lindsey Clair said...

awww how sweet, you're going to love having a girl :) I am organizing and getting things together myself. I think my little one might come early as well! Next week is my last week of teaching it's just too hard to keep up with that, my kids, house ect. Plus the drive isn't comfortable either. Half hour is just too long right now! HUGS

Francis said...

Love that room! Im so glad you overcame your sewing fears and at least gave it a good start! ;-) We never did get together to do that years ago did we....
All your cute little things ALMOST make me want another baby. I'll have to volunteer in the infants nursery or something.
Love you you all!

Katie said...

this was so much fun to read and your pics are just precious and so creative!!! Your photograohy skills are increasing all the time!!