Monday, April 20, 2009

No Menu Planning Monday - VII

This week our dinner plans are going to be a little bit up in the air. As of right now I am on complete bed rest for pre-eclampsia and my doctor does not know when (if) I will be able to come off of it. This makes preparing dinner a bit impossible. I go to the doctor again later today (and again on Wednesday, and Friday . . .) so hopefully I will know more soon. If my protein levels or my blood pressure rise too much I will be induced, but that will not be decided until my appointments. Please pray for the health and the development of the baby, and that I will be able to stay put in bed as I'm supposed to. So far I know I have done miserably, but it has been incredibly difficult with the boys running around and needing me constantly. I am hardly able to stay in bed, but I am trying to at least sit and put my feet up as frequently as possible. I hope that God will protect and watch over the little life growing inside of me.

Kevin and my parents (and Julie Lupo) were a godsend over the weekend, and I am so blessed with their kindness and generosity! This week should be interesting, but I know God is in control and that everything is in His hands. What a mighty God we serve!

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