Monday, August 4, 2008

God's Incredible Handiwork!

While at our family cottage a few weeks ago we were able to witness the miraculous in something seemingly small and insignificant. Kevin was swimming with the boys when he spotted a dragonfly emerging from it's nymph-stage armor. It was clinging tightly between two dock planks and was working tediously to free itself from it's exoskeleton straight-jacket.

The whole process only took about fifteen minutes, and we were all amazed at the beautiful creature that was "birthed" before our eyes. We were also shocked that the dragonfly went from perilously perched on the dock to soaring speedily through the air within a split second's time. It was gone before we could blink, none-the-less snap a picture, and all that was left was the lonely, discarded shell that once was the dragonfly's skin.
So remarkable!

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Joie said...

That is so amazing that you were there at just the right time to capture this with your camera. Thanks for sharing this incredible feat with us. Marco and Lili are just fascinated.