Monday, August 11, 2008

I Can't Believe School's Coming!!!

I can't believe that we are only three weeks away from the first day of school!!! I'm excited, thrilled, nervous, apprehensive, scared and even a little nauseous! :) Most of my nerves aren't caused from the schooling itself (we had a great year last year), but instead I am totally unsure of how in the world I am going to manage my time!!! I know I have way too many irons in the fire and I certainly don't want to drop any of them.

I recently started pouring over all of my curriculum books for this upcoming year, and although I still need to sit down and actually write out our daily lessons, I feel as if I am beginning to have a fairly good idea of what the year is going to look like. In one word - BUSY! The biggest problem I ran into with school last year was keeping school time as one of the top priorities in order to ensure it got done. With trying to get our photography business off of the ground, much of my time had to be flexible and school time was constantly pushed around. That most certainly can't happen this year! This year I actually want to have a dependable and predictable schedule for each day.

Last year my kindergarten philosophy was "introduce and expose." I wanted to be sure that throughout the year I introduced Eli to the idea of "school" and exposed him to a lot of different activities and types of learning. I also worked very hard specifically at teaching Eli to read (which was successful - yeah!) The year was very laid back overall and that helped it be very successful. This year there is more structure needed (IMO) and so I need to be more organized. I am not known as the most organized person in the world . . . thus, the nausea. :) I am hoping to dedicate some time next week to really hammer out what the days will look like and do my best to figure out exactly how much time is going to be needed each day. Then I also need to factor in where schooling fits in with the other many facets of our very busy lives . . . God, our family, church, the business, fitness, house maintenance, hobbies . . .

Life is always interesting. :)


Francis said...

I hear ya! We start on Monday and I'm still a little unsure about how its all going to work out. Thankfully I have figured out our daily schedule but I still have a hard time fitting in the extras like hobbies, misc. projects or just grocery shopping!
Good luck!

Heather said...

Wow, Monday! That seems so soon, but I know in reality it's no sooner than a lot of the public schools in many areas. I'm still a part of the "after labor day" trend, but it would be nice to start earlier so that we would have more free days throughout the school year. I'll definitely have to consider this for next year. I'm still even thinking about schooling year-round, but again, we'll have to see how well we do this next year first.

Good luck with your first day and please keep us posted!