Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Curriculum List . . .

The reviews have been read, the moo-lah has been spent, the books have been gathered, and the materials have been assembled . . .

Here is my curriculum list for this upcoming year for Elijah and Ethan:

  • History - Sonlight

  • Language Arts - Sonlight

  • Reading - Sonlight plus our own readers and read-alouds

  • Geography - Sonlight

  • Science - The Magic School Bus Teacher's Guide (which incorporates the TMSB books, videos, and activity books), 365 Days of Science and the Kids' Nature Book, plus hands-on nature classes at Indian Springs Metro Park twice a month

  • Math - Math-U-See Alpha (complete from last year and I will then order Beta)

  • Handwriting - Handwriting Without Tears

  • Bible - The Children's Bible, Devotions for Boys Ages 6-9 and Character Sketches, plus weekly memory verses

  • Physical Education - "Learn to Skate" classes and Karate classes

  • Art and Music - Various sources (mostly me!)

  • Other Enrichment classes - RECESS co-op once a week

  • Preschool Basics for Ethan - Comprehensive Curriculum


Francis said...

Looks like a busy year!
I had to laugh seeing the Character Sketches. I thought I was the only one with those monstrous books!

Heather said...

Writing it all out like that does help me feel organized, but also maybe a bit more overwhelmed. :) Ah, well, we'll see how we do . . .

Kevin had this Character Sketches book when he was a kid and he really enjoyed it, so we thought we'd try to use it with the boys. You are right, they are monstorous books, but they're so cool at the same time! I just love looking through them. Have you used them in the past?

Francis said...

I was going to use it last year but decided to wait until Alexia is older. There is so much in them that I didn't think we could utilize it the best just yet. I should probably look through it again. I remember going through them in Wednesday night church in first or second grade!