Saturday, May 22, 2010

Walking Tall, Walking Proud!

Just less than one week after she turned a year old, Lanie is walking! I am so excited for her and so proud of her!

(even if you don't see an image, click on the play button below and the video will play)

Last night, after dinner at my parents house, we were sitting around enjoying some tea while the boys colored and Lanie cruised along the walls, furniture and moving boxes. My Dad sat down on the floor next to her and called to her, and to our astonishment she let go of the box she was holding onto and took two steps toward him!!! Kevin immediately ran to get the video camera and we recorded her next few brave steps. It was so cute because you can tell that she is extremely proud of herself and enjoyed all of the attention she earned.

I wish I had our Canon with us to document the moment as well, but at least there is a video for you to enjoy and for us to treasure! :)

Honestly, I'm a little surprised it has taken her this long to finally take those pivotal first steps! She has been cruising and walking with assistance since she was nine and a half months old. I thought she would be my earliest walker, but instead she has matched Eli in timing for the latest walker. Kaden walked at 10 months, Ethan at 11 months, and now Eli and Delanie both walked the week they turned one!

You can bet I'm going to be following her around with the camera all day today trying to capture a few more brave steps! My baby is getting so big!!!


Jacqueline Washburn said...

Oh and that ponytail is so stinkn' cute!!!!

Mike said...

Wow good stuff! and you were just talking about it the other day :)ba