Friday, May 21, 2010

Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun!

(Click on the photos if you want to view them bigger)
Last night was a rocking, side-splitting, blast from the past! It was 80's Night at our Girl's Night Out Coffee Night!
Although I was just a kid during the 80's, I found dressing the part of an 80's fashionista to be rather natural. In fact, other than a few borrowed accessories (thanks Darlene!) most of my ensemble came directly out of my own drawers and closet!
Uh-oh, did I just admit that?!?!?
However, I think I'll stick to my straightened locks and bangs, and my non-hot pick clothes for just a while longer.
It was so much fun to see the creativity and 80's fashion-sense of all the other valley girls! We had a madonna look-alike, a sporty valley-girl, an 80's prom queen, and so much more!
Have fun spazzing over these totally righteous images. :)

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