Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I almost titled this blog entry "Pointless Speculation" because of the very fact that speculating has absolutely nothing to do with causing action to take place, but I wanted to sound more optimistic than that. :)  Still, wishful speculation doesn't put one into labor . . . 

Today, I am exactly 14 days away from my official due date (May 20th). At this point, most people would just be beginning to prepare for the imminent arrival of their newborn. I, however, feel as if I have been ready and waiting for the past month. I knew all along that this was a foolish thing to do, but this girl just can't help herself sometimes. :) The thought process that made me "sure" that I would have the baby right around now may be explained by the statistics below:

Elijah's due date - Feb. 2, 2002
date of birth - Jan. 17, 2002
born 15 days BEFORE his due date

Ethan's due date - September 8, 2004
date of birth - September 5, 2004
born 3 days BEFORE his due date

Kaden's due date - March 18, 2006
date of birth - March 5, 2006
born 13 days BEFORE his due date

Like I said, I know that the above statistics don't necessarily prove that this baby will also come early, but the fact that I also dilated and effaced earlier than normal had me hopeful as well.  :)  I have been told that the more times you are pregnant, frequently the earlier you begin to progress, but that didn't stop me from hoping.  Also, the Braxton-Hicks contractions have been regular for over a month now as well.  I'm beginning to think that's it's a little ridiculous that a "seasoned" mother of three wouldn't recognize true labor from "practice" contractions.  Ah well, each pregnancy and labor is unique, so how can one predict how each will go?

So, what's your bet?  I still think I will go into labor sometime before May 10th, but each day that I feel good (such as today) discourages me.  I felt more ready to have a baby a week ago than I do today.  I am always exhausted, but the contractions and crampiness seem to be less regular.  I have actually been sleeping halfway decently (considering the big ol' belly and all . . . ) and haven't noticed any differences in my ability to breathe or a break from the heartburn which might signal that the baby has "dropped."  We are doing all the sorts of things that are supposed to bring about labor (minus Castor oil - that one just seems WAY too messy and uncomfortable to me) and still, I feel pretty good.  My positive spin on this is that perhaps my body is allowing me to be at my best right before the true work begins.  If I could get my energy level up, I'd feel like I was nearly at the top of my game.  For this, I feel blessed!  :)

I'd love to hear your personal stories of the days preceding your labors, if you'd like to share.  Every one's story is so different and unique, and it's nice to see how everyone has progressed.  Please share here as a blog comment, or leave a comment on facebook.  I'd love the distraction of your stories if you have the time.  :)

The end is inevitable, to be sure.  I will just have to bide my time and be patient.

God bless!


Lindsey Clair said...

Awww I hear you Heather. Though I don't have all 4 children here with me this being my 4th full term pregnancy, you'd think I can tell the difference. My experiences are very different but may distract you.

Kelly Nichole was due April 24th 2003. She was breech the whole pregnancy until the day before the scheduled c-section for April 15th! Because she flipped it of course became a waiting game. I went to 41 weeks and was scheduled to be induced. I went in and was having contractions 2 minutes apart but didn't know it so I ended up staying at the hospital. I didn't feel any labor pains until the last hour before she was born. 4 pushes and she was out. It was a blessed and easy delivery. I thought gee for first delivery this is easy I look foward to others.

The second one of course was not like the first. At 18 weeks gestation when we went to find out the sex of the baby we found out that our precious Brandon Michael had Trisomy 13 which is a chromosomal of the number one causes of miscarriages. Why I carried past 8 weeks the doctors were shocked but God had his reasons and the Lord has strengthened us and used this as a testimony ever since. A few people in our lives were saved because of it. We prayed for a miracle for our unborn son. We prayed ok Lord, he will either be born perfectly healthy or you will take him not allowing him to suffer. When he was born he lived 15 minutes and the Lord took him. He was born almost 9 lbs and was still a miracle. After that we went through a lot of emotional pain and it still hurts but God is faithful.

4 months after delivering him by c-section due to size I was pregnant with Alessandra Michelle. It was a shock but I knew I needed this as part of my healing. The pregnancy was perfect but I dealt with major emotional stress and trauma. She was born almost 8 lbs. I had another c-section with her because of size and because it was so soon after delivering a 9 pounder by c-section.

After Alessandra we vowed that we were done. We just couldn't take the emotional stress of another pregnancy.

Well shortly after Alessandra turned 2 we got a big surprise, this current pregnancy! Yeah, birth control fails LOL we believe this is another gift from God just like the other 3. This pregnancy has been close to perfect except for the contractions I was experiencing because of teaching and doing too much. Now that I am not working, everything has been smooth sailing.

I have another c-section scheduled for Wednesday, May 13th, 2 days before my 10 year wedding anniversary. God has really carried our marriage since everything and it's definitely worth celebrating!

So there you go. I didn't have all my births like I expected. I hoped to have them all naturally but it didn't turn out that way but I do have big babies lol except for Kelly she was a little over 6 pounds.

I came to the conclusion that after the major heartache we went through it doesn't matter which way a baby comes out as long as they come out normal and healthy!

I will pray that everything goes smoothly and quickly for you! I know you are anxious and so ready! God bless you Heather. HUGS

Francis said...

Waiting is always the hardest part I think. I usually felt pretty good up until labor actually started. They say you get a sort of last hooray of energy for 'nesting' right before labor... you could alphabetize your canned goods or something. just kidding - maybe watch the entire lord of the rings series.
I would suggest taking some time off from the regular routine and give the boys some extra attention - once that girl comes there will be no going back! ;-) Are they excited or just taking it all in stride? I know Sophia would take great interest if we had another baby (but we're not...) she would probably think it was her's to play with. ;-) I'm thinking of you and checking every day to see if there is any new news!

Joy said...
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Joy said...
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Joy said...

I hate the waiting game. Besides being incredibly ill the first 15 weeks, the last part is the hardest.

Austin was induced at 6 days late and over 9 lbs. Grace was on her due date and 7 lbs. 15 oz. Will was ten days late and was 8 lbs. 15 oz. I was hoping number four would come at least on time but no such luck! Trek was induced on his due date as I'd had enough waiting! He was 8 lbs. 10 oz. Hope was quite a surprise. With her, we were never quite sure when her due date was. I actually found out I was pregnant because we had applied for life insurance for me. They came to the house to do blood work, etc., and a few days later they called to tell me I was pregnant. Of course, we told them it was impossible. An over the counter pregnancy test said I wasn't, and I forgot about the whole thing. A few weeks later I started feeling really ill. Yep, I was indeed pregnant. They just caught it super early I guess.

Anyway, Hope was given a due date range of between June 13 and June 26th. We chose to induce on June 23 because she gave no indication of coming on her own. She was our smallest at 7 lbs. 11 oz.

So, I ended up having 5 late large healthy babies. All my labors were 6 hours - except for Will's, which was just over 2 hours.

I always tried to plan something everyday during the last few weeks so that I would have something to distract myself.

Apparently, after 8pm my mommy brain is really fried. Not only did I miscount the number of children I have, I also messed up their weights and dates, so I deleted the previous post. Must sleep!