Friday, May 15, 2009

Here We Go!

Today or tomorrow we are having a baby!

At my last doctor's appointment on Tuesday, my protein levels were back up. My doctor decided she is not comfortable letting the pregnancy continue due to the stress it is placing on my kidneys, and she actually asked me if I could go straight to the hospital right then. Of course my mind was rushing with the overwhelming number of thoughts and logistics to process with that idea! I hesitated mostly, though, because I was still hoping the ABC was still an option. She is a great doctor, and although I know it would be easier for her to just send me over to the Labor & Delivery in Novi, Dr. Pezeshki began thinking of alternative options to try to give me a chance for the ABC. As long as my protein levels are the least bit elevated, I am not permitted to be induced at the ABC (by having my bag of waters broken) because I am considered high risk (that is, the LOWEST high risk possible, but still officially "high risk"). However, if my proteins levels came back down there wouldn't be an issue. So, Dr. Pezeshki said that we would delay the induction until she had the time to run one more protein test (a different, more accurate test) that would take 3 days to process.

SO, here we are . . . I went to the office yesterday with my sample and for bloodwork, and today I find out where I stand. Will I be induced today at the ABC or tomorrow at the Labor & Delivery? Either way, this is a momentous day for me since it is the last day I will be pregnant (almost positively the VERY last time, unless God has other plans). I am so thankful and relieved to know the end is very near because I have reached the very big, very uncomfortable, very yucky stage of pregnancy - but my longing for this to be over with is definitely bittersweet. I may never feel the butterfly flutters and the martial artist kicks again. I may never cradle my belly and know that there is another being growing miraculously in my womb. I may never be an intimate part of nurturing the development of a new life through the amazing and miraculous capacity of my female body. I will definitely miss these incredible and awe-inspiring parts of pregnancy. These last few moments will certainly be treasured and filed away in the area of my brain reserved for the most important memories of all, crowding out all of the unpleasant realities pregnancy can bring (morning sickness, heartburn, total and utter exhaustion . . . you know the ones).

Realistically, the fact that either today or tomorrow we will be holding our newborn daughter is our arms has me incredibly excited and overwhelmingly nervous all at the same time. I am so ready for this, and I am so NOT ready for this all at the same time! Her birth has been highly anticipated and the days could not have gone quickly enough for us, but I've done this newborn thing before and I know how much work I am in store for. Am I a glutton for punishment? Even as uncomfortable as I am right now, it is still easier to care for the baby in utero then it is the first three sleepless months. Apparently some part of your reasoning and common sense dims at this stage of pregnancy, however. ;)

Today or tomorrow! I think I can wait, just that much longer . . . !

Please pray for us today and lift up the baby's safe delivery, if you could. I wouldn't mind either if you asked for quick labor and easy pushing for me while you're praying, if it's not too much to ask. :) Thank you all, for your love and support throughout this pregnancy. I hope to have pictures, stats and information posted soon after the baby is born. Check back in a few days.

Thank you and God bless!

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Francis said...

I will be praying! Hang in there!