Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spunky Says It!

My good friend, Karen Braun, is an extremely well-informed, opinionated, well-spoken political junkie, professional researcher of topics (my personal title for her, lol), blogger, Christian homeschooling mother of six (plus so much more!). I love how forth-right and honestly she writes in her blogs. You will never doubt her opinion by the end of reading any of her entries, for sure!

Her recent post, Abortion During School Hours, really caught my attention with her "Miranda Rights for Public School Parents" at the end of the post. The whole article is alarming and sad, but "Spunky" drives the point home with the fact that when students attend government schools, the government is solidly in charge, not the parents. Most parents do not think about the fact that their rights are denied when the Government believes that it know better, and that parents are simply not required.

I share her blog because I hope that her posts will bring to light some of what occurs when we do not speak up for our parental rights. The Government does not know best for our children and I will not sit back quietly when the Government tries to tell me what to do for them. God gave me my children to care for and watch over, and I certainly know them a whole lot better than the bureaucrats in Washington.

Some may find Government schools a necessity for their family and I understand that, but as long as I am able, I hope to be my child's teacher, guide and most direct influence. Thank you, Mr. Government, but I'll keep my keep my children under my sheltering wing as long as I can.

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