Sunday, February 15, 2009

Not For Weak Stomachs

DISCLAIMER: Do not watch these videos if you have a weak stomach . . . :)

WHAT TRANSPIRED: Kaden was watching Kevin and Elijah play on the computer when he fell off the chair and hit the corner of the desk with his head. Immediately there was a lot of blood and when we got it mopped up there was about a 1/2 - 3/4 inch gash that went very deep and gaped at least a 1/8 inch. Although I wished we could just ignore it, it was obvious this needed stitches. Here is Kaden at the Lakes Urgent Care:

THE RESULTS: Kaden received 4 staples and a cool looking "headband" after the procedure. He was such an amazing trooper and even received compliments from the doctor and urgent care staff. He only cried when they injected the area to numb it, otherwise he laid very still and allowed the doctor to do what needed to be done.


Francis said...

Is this the first urgent care visit due to head trauma? I must say you guys have done very well considering you have three boys! Watch - your girl will be crazier than all of them! ;-)

Heather said...

This isn't our first incident with head trauma (both Kaden and Ethan already have scars from previous incidents), but this is the first case that merited stitches (or staples, for that matter). I won't be surprised if our girl is the toughest one of all since she'll have to keep up with her brothers, LOL.