Monday, January 26, 2009

Better Late Than Never, right?

This news is old to some, and I regret to keep the rest of you out of the loop for so long, but the ultrasound results are in, and . . . . . . it's a GIRL!!! Better late than never, right?
We are completely stunned, shocked and in awe of the news! Kevin and I were both sure that we were set to be parents to boys alone, but this new revelation has rocked our world! Pink! Who would have ever thought that we would get to buy pink?!?!
We absolutely love being Mommy and Daddy to our boys and think that we are particularly suited for raising boys, BUT we are completely optimistic and excited to try our hand at raising a little girl. There are so many differences and unique aspects to the feminine spirit. I am sure we are in for a huge learning curve. I just pray that God will give us wisdom and a deep understanding of this new little blessing, as well as for continued help in raising our three wonderful boys. Please keep us in your prayers!

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Francis said...

Yippee! You already know that I am so happy/excited/elated/etc. about this news. Congratulations and happy pregnant-ing. Get ready for the roller coaster of parenting a girl!